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TabLooper : Responsive Loop Tab Metro

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TabLooper is a Responsive Tab jQuery Plugin that is used to create tabs for your sites with responsive layout, support unlimited tabs, combine inline and AJAX content for best performance, move tab content by touch swipe event ( on mobile devices ) or left/right keys ( on desktop/laptop ) or simple click on buttons ( all devices ). Additionally, the plugin has already supported Metro UI layout for modern themes. If you want you also can create new style by using CSS and change styles of the tab easily.


  • Responsive Design.
  • Unlimited Tabs.
  • Effects for Each Tab Content.
  • Combine Inline and AJAX Content.
  • Support Touch Swipe to move Tab Content ( Mobile Devices ).
  • Support Left/Right Keys to move Tab Content ( Desktop/Laptop ).
  • Click on Buttons to move Tab Content ( All Devices ).
  • Count Total of Tab.
  • Metro UI Style.
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