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Redactor is powerful, flexible and easy to use tool, that allows you to provide great service to your clients without spending expensive time on complex customization. Most features work out of the box and are customizable with literally a line of code.

Customizable Toolbar

Unique feature that allows you to customize toolbar styles with one simple setting. Choose perfect colors for your design, customize button, add button state styles and apply this in literally seconds. Oh, and you can use Font Awesome to customize your plugin buttons.

Drag and drop images

Most loved feature by Redactor users. It allows to easily, naturally and intuitively drop images right into Redactor and have them uploaded to the server (including Amazon S3) and instantly placed in text.

Beautiful Air-Mode

Whenever you want to keep your design as clean as possible, Air-Mode is there for you. Have the toolbar appear on the screen only when it is absolutely necessary, keeping your website style and design intact and your users focused.

Powerful and flexible API

There’s no need to wait until we add a feature you need to Redactor — with new powerful API you can extend Redactor’s functionality and really push it to the limits. Also, save hours with simple plugin development workflow, and make your users happier then ever.

Link parsing on paste

Let your users easily paste videos and images: with a simple setting, every pasted link to a YouTube or Vimeo video will be converted to an actual video player, instantly and automatically. Paste a link to an image and have this actual image appear in Redactor.

Built for developers

Install in seconds, customize in minutes. Clean and well-commented source code, clear output, full HTML5 support, dozens of callbacks for all of your needs, easy to use settings, support for dozens of languages.


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