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rcarousel is a jQuery UI continuous carousel with many cool features. It is highly customizable and supports even olderbrowsers (No IE6, please).


simple to use

Now rcarousel is very simple to use. Just add some elements into a container and run the widget on it!

highly customizable

rcarousel does not force you to use one pre-defined theme. You can add your own custom navigation with no effort!

many options to choose from

There are many options to choose from. Configure your carousel whatever you like!

Any element

As of 1.1 version you can use hopefully any HTML element inside a carousel. To illustrate this, take a look at the carousel I used at the top of the page.

images with links

As of 1.1 version there is no problem with wrapping IMG elements with links. Another nice feature!

Multiple carousels

You can add as many carousels as you like to a page without a problem. To see a working example, take a look atmulti carousels example.

Vertical carousels

rcarousel supports also vertical orientation of carousels.

Loading elements on demand

With the help of append method, you can load elements on demand. It can come in handy in AJAX calls.

Auto mode

Thanks to the Auto mode you do not even have to use navigation.

cool pagination

The pagination algorithm that is a part of rcarousel allows you to use a custom number of visible elements and a step to scroll by.

simple API

Available API allows you to control rcarousel at the run-time!


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