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Nacho Lightbox : Flat responsive lightbox with jQuery

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NACHO Lightbox is the perfect plugin for showcasing images, videos, iframes and even ajax in a modern and usable manner that is available on every device.


  • Flat skin – perfect for modern websites
  • Responsive and beyond – very adaptable, perfect for desktop, tablet and even mobile. It hides the thumbnails on small screens to keep the media visible.
  • Touch gestures – mouse and touch are unified, so you can do anything using either one.
  • Blazing fast – Featuring some of the coolest CSS3 Effects out there, it takes advantage of the GPU on mobile devices.
  • Responsive Videos from Youtube and Vimeo.
  • Responsive fluid grid included to keep your images aligned.
  • Powerful events API – you can control all the options through this easy to use API. 
  • Retina Graphics – Sharper on every screen
  • Deep linking – So when someone shares your image will be taken directly to that image.
  • No coding required – Using only jQuery selectors and HTML5 data attributtes
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