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Muslider - jQuery content slider

Muslider - jQuery content slider

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μslider is the jQuery content slider and it has the "swipe touch" support for mobile/touch devices! It's very easy to use because it has a few essential options that can be configured straightforwardly. 

You can set up:

  • the functioning style (responsive or not)
  • the slider height and width (non responsive mode) or
  • their ratio
  • how to start the animation (manually or automatically)
  • the transition effect (horizontal slide, vertical slide or fade)
  • the animation duration
  • the time interval between slides (if the animation starts automatically)

μslider can slide anything:

  • images (with or without caption and "lazy" load)
  • text
  • audio & video via HTML5 <audio> and <video> (complete native support)
  • audio & video via Vimeo and YouTube (complete support by downloading a little patch)
  • iframes
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