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jqModal is a plugin for jQuery to help you display modals, popups, and notices. It is flexible and tiny, akin to a "Swiss Army Knife", and provides a great base for your windowing needs.


  • Designer Frieldly - Use *your* HTML+CSS for Layout and Styling
  • Translator/i18n friendly - No hardcoded English strings
  • Developer friendly - Extensible through callbacks to make anything possible (gallery slideshows, video-conferencing, &c)
  • Simple support for remotely loaded content (aka "ajax")
  • Multiple Modals per page (including nested Modal-in-Modal)

There is no shortage of dialog scripts that dazzle their audience. Some will try to walk your dog. They can be rooted in unnecessary effects, rigid, and cumbersome. This is not where jqModal is headed! I wanted to write a simple modal framework. Something lightweight yet powerful and flexible. The original strived to resemble an assembly demoscene binary. Since r16 jqModal is readable and community maintainable.

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