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SEO Friendly

SlideDeck can actually boost your SEO rankings. The content from each slide is cleanly organized in your code and is automatically indexed by search engines.



Automatically animate through your SlideDeck when visitors arrive on your website. Great for header sliders when used in conjunction with the slider mode option. Currently does not autoplay though vertical slides.


Slider Mode

Use SlideDeck as a traditional slider by turning off the slide title bars. Use the Slide Control API and interact with your own custom built navigation, or turn on Auto Play to automatically progress through your slides.


Full CSS Customization

Fully customize your SlideDeck to match your website’s design. Customize your skins with CSS, HTML and JS as needed.


Free Minor Version Upgrades

Get FREE minor version upgrades! You’re secure in your purchase for all future updates and feature additions within a minor version (currently 1.x).


Custom Skins

While SlideDeck comes with a beautiful design already, sometimes you want something a little different to mix it up. You can create your own custom skins to meet your needs.


Supports Premium Themes

Take SlideDeck to the next level with this premium set of themes, that are beautifully crafted to suit almost any look – from clean ultra-minimalist sites to vintage textured pages



Get support directly from our team. Get responses to your support questions during business hours(M-F 8am-5pm PST). Response times may vary.


Vertical Slides

Vertical navigation adds another dimension to your content. Allow users to drill into more detail within a specific slide set without losing their place in the deck.


Touch Screen Support

Want your SlideDeck to work on mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad and Android phones? No problem, SlideDeck includes touch interaction support.


Video and Gallery Ready

Videos, Image Galleries, Music Players and any sort of media can all be placed inside the slides of SlideDeck. Depending on what type of media you are putting in your SlideDeck, some additional code may be required, and we have multiple places to find out how.


Slide Progression API

SlideDeck comes with a slide control API to control your SlideDeck externally by your own custom navigation elements. Design your own previous and next buttons, separate navigation and use the Slide Progression API to control your SlideDeck.


Slide Control Logic API

Control what slides your users can access on the fly; use the Slide Control Logic API to create easy to use, controlled, stepped interactions for signup forms, product configurations, surveys, etc.


Call Back API

Run functions before and after animating between slides on your SlideDeck. Run your own custom animations, reactions, and process after moving to specific slides.


Mouse Control

Enhance the experience of your SlideDeck by allowing users to seamlessly scroll through slides.

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