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Parallax Slider

Parallax Slider

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 This content slider incorporates a parallax scrolling effect where each slide and its contents glide into view at different speeds, creating a captivating visual experience. Visual intrigue aside, however, Parallax Slider is an easy to customize, responsive slider that can adapt to different screen and device sizes, by supporting a percentage value as its width.


  • Entire contents of slider defined via HTML markup. Each slide consists of a  background image layer plus any number of content layers.  Each layer within the slide is glided in sequentially after a slight delay following the previous.
  • The Slider supports two orientations- horizontal (default), or vertical (up down scrolling) instead.
  • Slider supports either fixed or fluid (percentage) dimensions via CSS, allowing for a responsive slider.
  • Slider can be set to automatically rotate and optionally stopping after x cycles.
  • Persistence of last viewed slide supported, so when the user reloads the page, the slider resumes from the last slide.
  • Slider automatically pauses onMouseover.

Source: dynamicdrive.com

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