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Notification center for jQuery

Notification center for jQuery

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Notification center is a jquery plugin that implements a simple notification center like like Apple OS X.


  • Document title modification to show alert count
  • Display only a certain amount of notifs at once
  • Sound notification if the user is on an other tab/page
  • Per type Sounds/Colors/alert timeout and notif count displayed
  • Pop up alerts that are not retained in the notif pane
  • Click overlay when the pane is open so any click closes the pane
  • Notif callbacks, including a redisplay notification option
  • Export callback so you can save the list of current notifs
  • Mobile compat, includes options for swipe delete on notifs
  • Mobile on notifications stay in viewport even with pinch zoom
  • CSS Styled allows lots of styling control to the site
  • Allow ajax and/or faye alerts on top of js calls to create alerts
  • Allow Sticky notifications, sticky notifications also have an optional settable action button

Source: thesin-.github.io

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