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  • simple installation and activation, it works with NO modification of your code. (some exceptions can happen, so you can write to me)
  • very stylish scrollbars, with no occupation on your window (original browser scrollbars need some of page space and reduces window/div usable width)
  • you can style main document scrollbar (body) too!! (not all script implements this feature)
  • on all browsers you can scroll: dragging the cursor, mouse wheel (speed customizable), keyboard navigation (cursor keys, pagup/down keys, home/end keys)
  • scroll is smooth (as modern tablet browsing), speed is customizable
  • zoom feature
  • hardware accelerated scroll (where available)
  • animation frame support for smoth scrolling and cpu-saving
  • dragging scroll mode with scrolling momentum (as touch device)
  • tested for all major browsers desktop and mobile versions
  • support for touch devices
  • support for multi-input devices (IE10 with MSPointer)
  • compatible with many other browsers, including IE6, Safari on Mac and WP7 Mango!
  • very customizable aspect of bar
  • native scroll events are working yet
  • fully integrated with jQuery
  • compatibile with jQuery UI, jQuery Touch, jQuery Mobile
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