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Navi.js - Content Switcher

Navi.js - Content Switcher

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Why Navi?

Navi makes it easy to dynamically display content on your sites. Instead of cluttering up your site tree with extra files, you can easily write all of your html code for multiple pages in one file. Navi leverages the hashchange event to change content based on the current hash, or falls back to Ben Alman's hashchange plugin to allow the use of the back button functionality.

New Animations

Navi.js is now supercharged with extra animations to make page changes even more appealing. Navi now has new animations to choose from. Just include animate.css into the head of your document!

Using Ajax?

As of version 1.8, Navi now supports loading content via AJAX for those who want this functionality.


 Navi.js will resume support for multiple sections / nested content in the next version.


  • Ajax Support New
  • Google Analytics Support New
  • Change page title to reflect content
  • Breadcrumbs Support
  • Back/Forward Button Support
  • Easy HTML/JS markup
  • Use any hash
  • Can write multiple pages in one file
  • Animations between changes:
    • Slide Up
    • Slide Left
    • Slide Up-Left
    • Fade
    • Rotate Out-Down-Left
    • Bounce Out-Down
    • Bounce Out
    • Light Speed
    • Roll
    • Flip-X
    • Flip-Y
    • More in 2.0


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