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Lightcase - Smart and flexible Lightbox Plugin

Lightcase - Smart and flexible Lightbox Plugin

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Lightcase is a beautiful, flexible and even accessible web application to present the most of common media formats in an exposed Lightbox. This Lightbox Plugin is based on the jQuery Framework and works fine in all common browsers like Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox, Opera, Webkit and more.

Why using Lightcase?

Nice features.

Lightcase includes a lot of different animation types to popup medias and is easy to configure speed, size or whether Lightcase should use several links as series, and so on.

Easy to customize.

The code allows to customize this plugin for someone’s own wants. Even the markup is modifiable, and the layout is also very comfortable to restyle.

Autodetect media formats.

Lightcase is smart and genious. You don’t have to define which format your media has. So the embed area for your linked media would be created automatically.

Responsive dimensions.

Don’t take care about width or height of the expanding box. A sophisticated function calculates the dimensions from the provided browser size.

Less and wellformed code.

Lightcase is coded with the principle 'Less is more'. This means that features are as efficiently and effectively as possible with least of code and redundance.

It's accessible.

Not at least, Lightcase supports to open and navigate through with the keyboard only and uses valid markup code.


Source: cornel.bopp-art.com

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