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jQuery.validity is a plugin designed to aid in the configuration of clientside form-validation. Validity was concieved with three goals:

  1. Easy Setup: Validity employs the principle of Convention Over Configuration to aid in keeping code manageable and semantic. Very little work is required to enable Validity for a page.
  2. Unobtrusive JavaScript: Using Validity will have little to no effect on the semantics of your markup. Additionally, Validity will degrade gracefully and leave no residuals in browser environments where JavaScript is disabled or unsupported.
  3. Customizable Appearence: Validity is an effort to deliver a solid core-library of validation tools that can be used in any web-design. Therefore, in order to be truly versatile, validation logic is separated from the way it displays errors. With Validity, you, the developer, have full control of error message handling and adapting it to the design of your page.

In style, validity makes use of jQuery's selector engine and follows its pattern of method chaining. If you know jQuery, then learning to use validity will be easy.

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