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Validator - HTML form validation

Validator - HTML form validation

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Validator is a HTML form validation. Perfectly made for all scenerios, lightweight, semantic & easy to use.

The javascript validation code is based on jQuery. The Validator is cross-browser and will give you the power to use future-proof input types such as ‘tel’, ‘email’, ‘number’, ‘date’, and ‘url’. I can sum this as a ‘template’ for creating web forms.

Why should you use this?

  • Cross browser validation
  • Deals with all sorts of edge cases
  • Utilize new HTML5 types for unsupported browsers
  • Flexible error messaging system
  • Light-weight (10kb + comments)

Validation types support

HTML5 offers a wide selection of input types. I saw no need to support them all, for example, a checkbox should not be validated as ‘required’ because why wouldn’t it be checked in the first place when the form is rendered?

For a full list of all the available Types, visit the working draft page. These input types can be validated by the the JS for – <input type='foo' name='bar' />. (Support is synthesized)

  • Text
  • Email
  • Password
  • Number
  • Date
  • URL
  • Tel
  • Hidden – Hidden fields can also have the ‘required’ attribute

The below form elements are also supported:

  • Select – Useing a ‘required’ class because there is no such attribute for ‘select’ element
  • Textarea

Source: github.com

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