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jQuery Tristate

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jQuery standalone tristate (indeterminate) checkbox with pseudo selectors and optional value modification and .val() overwrite. Standalone, so usable for purposes other than list/tree marking.


  • Simple syntax: .tristate()
  • Options to set alternative values for true, false and null state.
  • Access using val() (when alternative values specified).
  • Set state using widget-like syntax .tristate('state', true/false/null);
  • :tristate, :indeterminate and :determinate pseudo selectors included.
  • Indeterminate state can be set using indeterminate="indeterminate" attribute.
  • Alternative values can be set using checkedvalue, uncheckedvalue and indeterminatevalueattributes or options.
  • HTML attributes modified by the plugin.
  • Should support every major browser, including IE6.

Browser support

Tested with v1.0.5

  • Chrome 31
  • FireFox 25
  • Opera 17
  • Internet Explorer 10


Source: vanderlee.github.io

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