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jQuery Responsive Tabs Plugin

jQuery Responsive Tabs Plugin

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jQuery plugin for creating responsive tabs. The controls behave like regular tabs above a specified screen width (defined by an editable media query in the associated css file), and behave like an accordion on screens below that width.

Key features

  • Progressive enhancement – uses semantic heading/content markup – tabs and accordion are created entirely with jQuery
  • Uses Aria attributes and roles to aid screen reader accessibility
  • Tabs and their content are fully accessible via keyboard
  • Supports multiple sets of tabs on same page


  • In the accordion view all headings are collapsed initially. If window is resized to tab view when all accordions are collapsed then the open tab will be the last tab that was opened in tab view (or the default one if none have been opened by user)
  • In accordion view if the user opens an accordion below the currently open one, then the screen will scroll down to that accordion, to prevent disorientating page jump
  • In Internet Explorer 7 and 8 the tabs are not responsive but appear as regular tabs irrespective of screen size


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