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jQuery Coverflow

jQuery Coverflow

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jQuery Coverflow features:

  • Separate CSS
  • Keyboard interaction using the cursor keys, Home, End, Page Up and Page Down.
  • Click on a picture to move it to focus.
  • Uses CSS3 transformations if supported by browser, otherwise gracefully degrades.
  • Events for changing the focus, selecting and confirming (clicking on the picture in focus).
  • Animation easing and duration.
  • Separate CSS styles for the selected, innermost and outermost styles, all smoothly transitioning.
  • Support for your own transitioning code, should you want to use weird CSS tricks such as CSS3 filters.
  • Optional mousewheel support. Simply add Brandon Aaron's mousewheel plugin
  • Optional support for complex CSS transitions. Simply add my own interpolate plugin, included with Coverflow.
  • Optional support for reflections (need to enable manually). 
  • Optional support for touch swipe gestures.

Source: vanderlee.github.io

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