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FerroSlider jQuery Plugin

FerroSlider jQuery Plugin

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FerroSlider  allows you to organize the contents of you website in a unusual and cool way and navigate through them with a sliding effect. 
The final effect is similar to Mac's or Linux multiple desktops. 
You can position content as you want: by row, by column or using a custom displacement. 


FerroSlider 2 allows you to:

  • displace contents by line by column or following a custom positioning map (also called "The Matrix");
  • navigate through contents with drag and drop(left, right, up and down);
  • navigate through contents with arrow keys (left, right, up and down);
  • navigate through contents with a fast sliding animation, in horizontal, vertical, diagonal direction or combining them;
  • set fullscreen background to your content, preserving images ratio;
  • load contents using custom scripts via AJAX;
  • encapsulate the sliding contents into a container;
  • create a clickable map of the contents displacement (a sort of little navigation menu);
  • create links to navigate through contents;
  • create sensible areas. They will appear when you go over the edge of the slide;
  • listen to custom slides event : "startslide" and "endslide";
  • autoslide contents. Used , e.g., for image galleries. It slides automatically between slides (you can set the autosliding transition time);
  • create player for autosliding. Use it to pause/play animation. Provides a visual feedback of the autosliding transition time with a timebar;
  • nice tooltips;

Source: alessandroferrini.it

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