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Dynamic News - jQuery news slider

Dynamic News - jQuery news slider

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RSS Driven Dynamic jQuery News Slider Plugin: Dynamic News

Dynamic News is a jQuery news slider plugin that makes news integration to your web site very easy.Dynamic News plugin supports two ways to add news data. You can either enter your news via HTML markups manually or let Dynamic News plugin load the news from rss feed and build the necessary HTML markups automatically. One cool feature of Dynamic News slider plugin is the news preview or news summary pane, hovering over news headline will show news summary in a tool tip like pop up, which also provides link to news detail page. All the features of Dynamic News slider plugin are configurable. Its up to you whether you want to display news preview pane, display control bar, auto hide control bar or keep it always visible.


  • Dynamic/RSS Driven
  • You can set the no of news entries to be fetched from RSS
  • Supports manual entry of headlines and news detail via HTML markups
  • Supports news preview


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