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wysiwyg.js is a (minified) 12k contenteditable-editor with no dependencies. It does only:

  • Transforms any HTML-element into contenteditable
  • onselection-event: e.g. to open a toolbar
  • onkeypress-event: e.g. to handle hotkeys
  • onplaceholder-event: show/hide a placeholder
  • .bold(), .forecolor(), .inserthtml(), ... functions

It works with:

  • Internet Explorer 6+
  • Firefox 3.5+
  • Chrome 4+
  • Safari 3.1+

If a <textarea> was used as 'element', the library:

  • keeps the <textarea> in sync
  • falls back to the <textarea> if the browser does not support 'contenteditable'
  • Old iOS and Android 2.3- also degrade to <textarea>

There is also a (minified) 10k jQuery-plugin '$.wysiwyg()' - plus (minified) 2k CSS - to create a full-featured editor which depends on:

  • wysiwyg.js
  • jQuery
  • FontAwesome (or JPG/PNG/GIF/SVG images)

The toolbar is easy to extend - e.g. smiley, fontname and fontsize buttons below. It is used on a website with 300M page impressions a month.

Source: wysiwygjs.github.io

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