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Uploadify™ is a jQuery plugin that allows you to easily add multiple file upload functionality to your website. Two distinct versions (HTML5 and Flash) allow you the flexiblity to choose the right implementation for your site and fallback methods make it degrade gracefully.

Some features include:


Multiple File Uploads

The main benefit of Uploadify is its ability to allow multiple file uploads without the hassle of clicking multiple browse buttons or submitting multiple forms.

Drag and Drop

The HTML5 version of our file uploader (UploadiFive) allows you to drag and drop files onto the queue to add them instantly.

Real-Time Progress Indicators

While files are being uploaded, progress bars show the current upload progress so your users don’t have to second guess how long uploading files is going to take.

Custom Upload Restrictions

Set file size limits, file count limits, file type limits, and simultaneous upload limits with ease to ensure your servers are free from abuse.

Extreme Customization

Almost every aspect of Uploadify is fully customizable, allowing you the freedom to create an uploader that does exactly what you need it to.

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