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Trackpad Scroll Emulator

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Trackpad Scroll Emulator is a jQuery plugin that emulates OS X Lion trackpad-style scrollbars in any browser or platform. Based on the scrollbars in the Rdio app.

What it does

Traditionally scrollbars are permanently displayed whenever an area of a webpage is scrollable. By contrast, scrollbars in OSX Lion are hidden from sight, and revealed only when the user executes a swipe gesture with a 'magic' trackpad pointing device.

This plugin emulates Lion's UI pattern by replacing the browser's default scrollbars with a custom CSS-styled scrollbar that is only revealed when the user hovers over a scrollable element.

Modern browsers get a very accurate emulation of Lion's scrollbars, while less capable browsers miss out on a few bells and whistles such as rounded corners, opacity, and animated fades.


Source: github.com

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