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Responsive Nav is a tiny JavaScript plugin which weighs only ~1KB minified and Gzip’ed, and helps you to create a toggled navigation for small screens. It uses touch events and CSS3 transitions for the best possible performance. It also contains a “clever” workaround that makes it possible to transition from height: 0 to height: auto, which isn’t normally possible with CSS3 transitions.

  • Weighs only ~1KB minified and Gzip’ed.
  • Doesn’t require any external libraries.
  • Uses CSS3 transitions, touch events and simple markup.
  • Removes the 300 ms delay between a physical tap and the click event.
  • Makes it possible to use CSS3 transitions with height: auto.
  • Built with accessibility in mind, meaning that everything works on screen readers and with JavaScript disabled, too.
  • Works in all major desktop and mobile browsers, including IE 6 and up.
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