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  • Quick and Easy Content EditingWhat you see is really what you get - edit content in place exactly as it would display once published, no more switching between edit and preview modes.


  • Packed With Features: Raptor comes packed with user-friendly features for publishing and editing HTML content including; flexible docking options, advanced 'clean pasting' and much more.


  • Drop Dead SexyRaptor has been designed from the ground up to be beautifully user-friendly and delightful to use and can be themed to suit your software.


  • Well DocumentedWorking with Raptor is made easy with detailed API documentation and guides for installing, integrating and configuring Raptor Editor.

  • Backed By Unit TestsRaptor is backed by a comprehensive suite of built-in unit tests and comes packaged with a visual test interface.

  • Modern Standards & TechnologyRaptor uses modern standards and technology including HTML5, jQuery and an extensible plugin architecture.

  • Free & Open SourceRaptor Editor is Open Source and completely feee to use under GPLv3. Flexible commercial licenses are available for non-copyleft closed source use.

  • ThemeableRaptor comes ready to use with a beautiful custom theme and several alternatives but can be fully skinned to suit any visual design.

  • Modular and ExtensiblePlugins made easy. Raptor is built with an extensible plugin architecture making it easy to enhance functionality or add features.


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