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Product Quick View is a modal window, animated using CSS3 and Velocity.js, that provides the user a quick access to the main product information.

There are some patterns in the e-commerce design world aimed at increasing the conversion rate by simplifying the user experience. Other patterns try to achieve the same goal by providing additional information where needed. The product quick view modal belongs to the second category.

The standard process is straightforward: click on the quick view button to fire a modal with additional information and a call-to-action button. By building our resource, we didn’t reinvent the wheel: at the end you still get the same result. We tried to enhance the transition from point A to point B though.

These days native applications are using the full power of the device and motion design notions to provide the best UX possible. The web needs to run at the same speed. There are great tools like Bounce.js by Joel Besada and Velocity.js by Julian Shapiro that can help you build smooth animations.

Source: codyhouse.co

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