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Lightweight Grid jQuery Plugin

Lightweight Grid jQuery Plugin

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jsGrid is a lightweight client-side data grid control based on jQuery. It supports basic grid operations like inserting, filtering, editing, deleting, paging and sorting. jsGrid is flexible and allows to customize appearance and components.

What jsGrid can

  • Filtering:  jsGrid supports data filtering according to specified criteria.
  • Data Editing:  jsGrid allows to add new records, update and remove data items.
  • Paging:  jsGrid has flexible pager allowing to display and even load data by specified page size.
  • Fields:  jsGrid has different column types supporting text, numeric, select, checkbox and other fields.
  • Data Sources:  jsGrid perfectly work with any type of data source from static array to any REST-service
  • Sorting:  jsGrid supports sorting with user interaction and with api.



  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Opera 15+
  • IE 8+


  • Safari for iOS
  • Chrome for Android
  • IE10 for WP8

Look at jsGrid in Action

jsGrid lightweight client-side data grid

Source: js-grid.com

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