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What is it?

it is a simple jquery plugin helping design more responsive and adaptive websites and web applications with almost no setup.


What does it do?

it adds dynamic classes to the <body> depending on the operating system, browser and resolution.



because for ideal responsive web design css is just not enough. it chokes at some point, or has cross-browser and cross-platform issues much more than the wonderful jquery framework.

and also mobile websites don’t have to be ugly, or boring with bulky iphone buttons and very trimmed content, a similar mobile version of the website can be done with this plugin easily. check out the New York Times Global Edition example in the zip or after the jump.



I have tried it with microsoft internet explorer v7 and v8, firefox, google chrome, safari, opera on windows, and also with an android device. works perfectly on all of them. on the android device (samsung galaxy s) handles the orientation change nicely too.

Source: stild.com

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