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Infinity Slider

Infinity Slider

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Infinity Slider has a lot of features that will transform your Site into an Excellent WebSite. You can choose between 3 layouts or simply create a new one. Change the style setting the width, height, colors, buttons, links etc.

Infinity Slider give you Infinity ways to customize your slides.

 Special Features

  •  Real Responsive with Autofit Selection
  •  Select the position of the subject
  •  Select the Time of every Element
  •  Select the Time of every Slide
  •  Select the Delay of every Element
  •  Select the Delay of every Slide
  •  Custom HTML&CSS Elements Supported

 Skin & Layouts

  •  Full-Screen Slider Skin NEW
  •  Fullwith and Boxed Slider
  •  3 Different skins that you can use
  •  Easy colors & positions costumization
  •  Included Bootstrap 3.1.1 elements
  •  Included the current demo template


  •  Super-Fluid Slider with CSS3 animations
  •  HTML5 attributes with data
  •  Youtube & Vimeo APIs integrated
  •  Special Effects with Canvas
  •  Crossbrowser compatibility IE9+

 Slider Effects

  •  Normal Effects like fade and slide
  •  3D Effects like Zoom, Spin and Flip
  •  Grayscale Effect with Canvas
  •  9 Different Cinematic Special Effects
  •  Automatic Blur Effect with Custom Value NEW
  •  Automatic TextHole Effect with Canvas
  •  Innovative Canvas Effects

 Useful Features

  •  Multi-Sliders on the single page
  •  Slider inside one Slider
  •  Optional Autoplay with true/false
  •  Optional Autoplay Stop with Hover
  •  Fully combinables effects
  •  Dedicated Loader for your page or slide
  •  Keyboard Navigation
  •  Touch Navigation NEW
  •  Compatible with all the SEO techniques
  •  Fully support of Video Embedding
  •  Autocheck Errors with Automatic Alert
  •  Select the Starter Slider NEW
  •  Included Font-Awesome 4
  •  Support and Complete Documentation


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