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Infinity lightbox

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Infinity lightbox is a Small, fast and adaptive lightbox jquery plugin. Html5 and css3 based and mobile ready out of the box.

Core Features:

  1. Fantastic small - about 10Kb minifed .js and .css and nothing else.
  2. Ready for mobile use out of the box, responsive and adaptive.
  3. Support swipe on devices with sensor input.
  4. Support arrow keys control on devices with physical keyboard.
  5. Based on css3 transactions and transforms - full hardware accelerated and very fast everywhere.
  6. Simple for use: jQuery(el).infinityLightbox(); by default and it work.

Browsers supported


Internet Explorer 10+
IE Mobile 10+
Google Chrome / Chromium 5.0+
Safari Mac 4.0+
Safari Mobile 3.2+
Opera 12.1+
Opera Mobile 12.1+
Mozilla Firefox 5.0+
Android 2.1+
Firefox Android 26+
BB Browser 7.0+

Source: avotx3.ru

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