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Some images are worth a closer look, which is why there's Image Power Zoomer. It gives any image on your page the ability to be magnified when the mouse rolls over it. A "magnifying glass" that appears over the image lets the user zoom in on any portion of it as it follows the cursor around. Furthermore, the magnification power can be adjusted on the fly by turning the mouse wheel back or forth, just like in many graphics programs. Lets take a closer look at this script's features:

  • Applies the zoom effect to any image on the page without adding any additional markup to it.
  • Ability to use either the original image, or a different, higher resolution version of it as the image used inside the magnifying glass, to provide as much detail as possible. v1.1 feature
  • The default zoom level (ie: 2x) can be changed for each image.
  • When the user scrolls the mouse wheel while over the image, the zoom level decreases or increases based on the scroll direction. The range of zoom can be changed (ie: 2x to 10x).
  • The size of the "magnifier" can be changed for each image.

Source: dynamicdrive.com

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