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Everything you need in a JavaScript file upload library

Progress Bar

A fully customizable progress bar is included in UI mode. Core users can build their own with the help of a friendly API.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop files (and even folders in Chrome and Opera) straight from your desktop.


Sometimes the network misbehaves. Fortunately, Fine Uploader can detect these sorts of disturbances and notify the user, or even automatically retry uploading the failed piece.


Limit your users to a specific file type, size limit, number of files, image dimensions, or write your own custom validator.

File Chunking / Partitioning

Splitting a file into smaller pieces allows for a more efficient overall upload, and powers some Fine Uploader features such as pausing, and resuming uploads.

Pause / Resume Uploads

Pause an in-progress upload when you know you are about to go offline, and safely resume them again right where you left off.

Delete Uploaded Files

Upload the wrong file? Use this feature to delete what you don't need.

Upload to the Cloud

Send files directly to Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) or Microsoft Azure's Blob Storage service to minimize backend code and scale with the number of users. You can even optionally bypass your local server entirely with S3.

Image Previews & Scaling

Give your users an in-browser preview of images before they upload. You can even have scaled versions of images generated and uploaded automatically, keeping EXIF data intact.


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