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What is it?

FieldChooser.js is a jQuery plugin for selecting from a list of fields or values (the source) and adding them to a new list (the destination). You move fields from the source to the destination by dragging and dropping. Fields themselves can be simple HTML elements or more complex containers.

Why would I use it?

fieldChooser builds off the jQuery UI Sortable interaction, which allows for dragging and dropping of an HTML element between two containers. fieldChooser creates and manages the interaction between the containers, and adds the following capabilities:

  • Multi-select capability. Shift-click for contiguous selections, control-click (Command-click on Mac) for discontiguous selections. Once selected, multiple items may be dragged and dropped.
  • Keyboard support. Navigate through a list using the up and down arrow keys. Hold down the shift key while pressing up or down to select multiple items.
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