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Dragon - Another draggable plugin for jQuery

Dragon - Another draggable plugin for jQuery

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Why did We waste a weekend building another dragging plugin, when jQueryUI has a perfectly useful plugin to do the same thing? Because it wasn't fast enough for my needs. jQueryUI's implementation has a lot of abstraction, and a reeeeeally long call stack if you look at the breakpoints on your event handler callbacks. In most cases this isn't a problem, but for the apps We build, performance matters. Event handler callbacks can be expensive enough to begin with, and burying them in a great big call stack isn't going to help.

Additionally, We didn't need all of the features that jQueryUI's $.fn.draggable plugin provides. They're great, but We don't want to load code We don't need. This plugin is independant of any widget or core architecture, just plop it on your page after jQuery and you're good to go.

Dragon is divided up into two main components: $.fn.dragon and $.fn.dragonSlider. The former handles general dragging functionality, and the latter creates a handy slider widget.$.fn.dragonSlider depends on $.fn.dragon, and they are in separate files under src/.

There's a very good chance that Dragon isn't a good fit for your app. But it was a good fit for us, and perhaps you have a similar need for a lightweight, minimalist dragging plugin.


  • IE6 and above. Hooray!
  • Modern browsers.


Source: github.com

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