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Basic jQuery Slider

Basic jQuery Slider

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There are a lot of jQuery content sliders out there. Most of them are loaded with cool features and skins  but more often than not you need to customise it for your own needs and it can be difficult cutting through the bloat of a full featured slider.

Basic jQuery Slider has been developed to be as simple and lightweight as possible. Only the essential functionality has been included combined with clean semantic mark-up. This means instead of removing features and bending it to suit your needs, you can use this slider and as a base and with a little bit of CSS and JavaScript knowledge, you can extend it to be as feature rich, or as simple, as you need.


  • 17 different customization features and options available
  • Easy to use for new developers
  • Superb themes
  • Responsive
  • Caption functionality
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Lightweight

Source: basic-slider.com

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