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Timeglider JS is a zooming, panning data-driven timeline widget written in Javascript. This widget is the core of our our timeline authoring and publishing app, and can be integrated into any HTML application environment.

Timelines can be zoomed by dragging the vertical slider at right: up for zooming in (less time shown) and down for zooming out (more time shown). The mousewheel also works as a zoom controller. Any white area on the "stage" of the timeline can be dragged left and right, as can the blue "ruler" which marks out different units of time. Clicking on an event brings up a small modal window with a description and links if any are provided in the data.

A few bullets:

  • Timeglider works well on iPads, but is not yet optimized for Android devices. We're working on a mobile list view for the phone-portrait experience.
  • Data is imported into the widget with a straightforward JSON format, but data can also come from JavaScript objects (that you can create) existing on the page already.
  • This code is not Open Source: Using the widget is free for non-commercial use; for commercial applications, we have a couple licensing options. If you plan to do a commercial implementation, you are welcome to experiment at locally or at test-scale.
  • We no longer have our code on Github, and are going to do our best to provide complete code reference here on our site.
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