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Shadowbox is a web-based media viewer application that supports all of the web's most popular media publishing formats. Shadowbox is written entirely in JavaScript and CSS and is highly customizable. Using Shadowbox, website authors can showcase a wide assortment of media in all major browsers without navigating users away from the linking page.


What sets Shadowbox apart from every other "box" out there?


Shadowbox uses HTML markup that validates. It doesn't depend on phony HTML attributes in your anchor tags to make it work. The web has enough problems with standardscompliance as it is, and Shadowbox does its best to not perpetuate them.
Shadowbox uses a smart plugin detection mechanism behind the scenes that can spare your users from confusing torn image or puzzle piece icons when they don't have the plugins they need to view your content. Also, it will never overflow the viewport, forcing those obnoxious scroll bars.
Free from Frameworks
Although Shadowbox has the unique ability toadapt to whatever JavaScript framework you choose, it's just as easy to run it as a standalone app, giving the developer a great deal of flexibility.
Shadowbox supports all of the web's most popular media publishing formats including images, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, Flash, Flash video, HTML, and even external web pages. This makes it easy to display your content, no matter what it is.
Shadowbox supports a host of options that make it highly configurable. If you don't like the way something works, chances are very good that you can change it without digging through the code.
Shadowbox ships with support for many of the world's most-spoken languages, making it easy to configure Shadowbox to communicate with your visitors in their native tongue.
Neat and Compact
The Shadowbox code is neat, modular, and compact. Create a custom build of the code that includes just the features you need so it's as lightweight as possible.

Plays Well with Others

Shadowbox tries to be as unobtrusive as possible. If your client doesn't have JavaScript enabled, it will stay completely out of the way and allow the page to function normally.


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