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Msgbox is an versatile jQuery popup plugin for creating modals, dialogs, message boxes that are draggable, themable, resizable and fully customizable.

Why another jquery popup plugin ?

Most of the exising jquery popup plugins are lacking some of the features:

  • Multiple instances support
  • Resize handler to resize the popup box
  • Maximization/Minimization of the popup box
  • Dragging support
  • Theme customization
  • Key bindings support
  • Working as a photo slideshow
  • Fourth party library indenpendent (some may dependent on jQuery UI, etc)

If you are looking for a plugin with most of the above features, here it is


(c) could be customized

  • Key bindings (c)
  • Overlay events (c)
  • Draggable
  • Resizable
  • Icons, (prev,play,next,min,max,close) (c)
  • Buttons in footer, and their events could be fully customized (c)
  • Working as a photo viewer
  • Themes (c)
  • Multiple instances (task tar simulation)
  • Internationalization (c)
  • API

Source: jmsgbox.com

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