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jQuery Feedback Me Plugin

jQuery Feedback Me Plugin

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jQuery Feedback Me Plugin allows user to easily add an animatable UI widget with a feedback form which slides from the side of the screen.


  • Using CSS3 Transition for sliding out the feedback widget (jquery UI used as a fallback for older browsers)
  • Multiple feedbacks on page (different locations)
  • Added highly customizable notification response for success/fail feedback sending
  • Bootstrap support
  • jQuery UI themes support
  • 4 different possible locations to place the widget
  • Using AJAX post to send data to server ('name', 'message', 'email' and 'radio_list_value' parameters will be send to your servlet/php file etc...)
  • Ability to send additional params to server (csrf token / logged in user_name / etc`)
  • Ability to place any external html file inside the feedback_me widget for maximum customization
  • Ability to embed inline html code inside the feedback_me widget for more customizations
  • RTL support (except in 0.5.6 version)
  • All labels are customizable
  • Customizable placeholder (HTML5) for all input
  • Optional required attribute (HTML5) for all input fields with homegrown validation
  • Optional asterisk next to label of required input fields
  • Optional pattern attribute (HTML5) for name input field with homegrown validation

Source: github.com

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