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Hashtegny is a Hashtag plugin that aggregates "hashtags" from different social media networks like twitter, instagram, googleplus. Posts are displayed in a unique, attractive, and animated layout. You can use it for personal purpose, during any conference or event, for an Organization, or even at a Store. It has a lot of other features, Check it's Demo!.


  • Aggregates different hashtags from different social media networks.
  • Displays the posts in a unique, attractive, and animated layouts.
  • It automatically update the Time stamp of each post.
  • You can Update the posts without refresh the page, meaning you can get the latest posts and add them to the current posts.
  • Posts are sorted according to the time they were created at.
  • Posts will be displayed in a loop, one after another in animated effects.
  • It Supports Arabic letters.
  • You can restart the plugin without need to refresh the page.
  • You can use it anywhere; conference, event, at a Store.
  • You can use it on your websites, mobile, TV, Using projectors on wall.
  • Build based on latest version of jQuery(CDN)
  • Easy to be maintained and customized.

Source: github.com

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